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Menulevels & Headings

An h1 heading will dynamically split the document into new pages, but only if it has assigned the class _level1_page_. You can assign level1-6 in the class, so CMSimple 5 has permanently 6 menulevels available, if h1only_pagesplitting is activated in the CMS Configuration:

Open the full page Struktur »

But consider: The most templates are only styled for up to 3 menulevels, and I think that is enough for the most websites.

In CMSimple 5 you can permanently use all headings h1-h6 in the page contents, if CMSimple5_pagesplitting is activated in the CMS Configuration.

The Pagemanager simplifies creating, renaming, moving and deleting of pages. Even complete folders with subfolders can be moved or deleted with Pagemanager. Thus it should be no problem to get rid of the contents of this standard download. Alternatively you could start with the present page structure, rename pages and overwrite the contents.


Newsbox News01

This box shows the content of the hidden page "News01".

More information about newsboxes can be found in the documentation on

cmsimple.org »

Diese Box zeigt den Inhalt der versteckten Seite "News01".

Mehr Informationen zum Thema Newsboxen gibt es in der Dokumentation auf

cmsimple.org »

nach oben